Welcome to Polymer Insights, with over 60 years experience in working with Polymers and Polymer Additives we can give you new "Insights" into your Polymer Problems.

Why Use Us!

Polymer Insights can provide a wealth of information and expertize in polymer additives, formulations, testing etc and can save you time and money solving your polymer problems.

Polymer Problem Solving Consulting

Got a problem you have been struggling to solve and just cannot seem to make any progress? Our proven problem solving methods help your team tackle complex polymer problems. Our polymer consultants have extensive problem solving experience using sophisticated tools to tackle even the biggest polymer problems.

Polymer Formulations Consulting

Trying to get into a "New" Unfamiliar polymer area, need help formulating, not sure of the "technology"? Let us help jump start your push into new polymer areas.

Intellectual Property Consulting

Is your Intellectual Property working for you? Leverage your R&D investment to deliver maximum financial impact by focusing your new product development portfolio and ensure long-term sustainability by developing and managing your polymer Intellectual Property (patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights). Our polymer consultants have extensive experience developing Intellectual Property strategy, conducting patent evaluations and landscaping, and implementing robust Intellectual Property processes that capture and leverage key IP assets.

Process Improvement Consulting

Do you need to cut costs and improve efficiencies in your process? Our polymer consultants have extensive problem solving experience using sophisticated statistical tools to improve profitability. Polymer Insight  consultants can enable you to optimize manufacturing processes  leading to reduced defects, eliminate waste, improve process flow, decrease cycle times, and increase profitability and customer satisfaction.


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